Shape Up Firming Cream


SHAPE UP 225g BUST FIRMING CREAM MUST UP Breast Enlargement Enhancement Cream Best Result BOOST YOUR BUST

contains natural ingredients and distinct impact forces and effective to gain increased the size of the breast and remove wrinkles and materials gain increased estrogen and the synthesis of collagen which runs natural tension and feed chest and reduce wrinkles making it more smooth and sleek freshness you will notice a significant improvement within a few days

Contains natural materials

1-wheat germ oil

2-extract alo Vera

3-almond oil

4- Sesame oil

5-pumpkin oil


How to use

1 – Put on the breasts and in a circular massage For 1 to 5 minutes to be absorbed well starting from the bottom of the breast to the top

2 – Massage outside the breast inward circular motion

3 – Repeat movement from the end of the outer breast with the same circular movement continued until the skin is absorbed

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